Update of Developement

Hey guys! So I’ve been taking a (long) break from working on this game. After losing all of my work and having bad writer’s block I had a hard time working on any of my content.

But there’s good news!!

I’m currently learning the programming of Ren’py (Which is… Different) so I can display my variety of art, writing, musical, and other creative skills (Might do some voice acting?). So please don’t lose hope in this project! I just been struggling with a lot of things so I haven’t made time to work on the game (Or my book). I do think this change and new challenge is exactly the breather I need right now and I get to give my fans some content!

Once I figure out Ren’py I will start working on the demo so y’all can start playing it! (Also Ren’Py will hopefully be simpler and nicer to me than Twine)

Have a great rest of your day!

(Also if you’re looking for content then check out the different games I have put up on my creator profile <3 Creators supporting creators!!)


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